Tuesday, January 29, 2013


The Dream Syndicate | Tell Me When It's Over
The Vaselines | Teenage Superstars
Silkworm | Developer
Zero Boys | Drug Free Youth
The Letters | Nobody Loves Me
Delta 5 | Now That You've Gone
Volcano Suns | Descent Into Hell
Sonic Youth | Washing Machine 
Yo La Tengo | The Lie and How We Told It
Superchunk | Garlic
Half Japanese | Charmed Life
Delta 72 | Rich Girls Like To Steal
Psylons - Run To The Stranger
The Dead Milkmen - Junkie
The Pastels - I'm Alright With You
Olivia Tremor Control | NYC-25
Duster | Gold Dust

Wednesday, January 23, 2013


Guided By Voices | Quality of Armor
My Bloody Valentine | Never Say Goodbye
Agent Orange | Bloodstains
The Fall | L.A. 
Girls At Our Best | Getting Nowhere Fast
Lilys | Timber
Gear Daddys | Drank So Much
The Gories | Charm Bag
Alternative TV | Action Time Vision
Magnetic Fields | I Don't Wanna Get Over You
Hum | Green To Me
REM | Burning Hell
The Members | Sounds of the Suburbs
Beat Happening | Teenage Caveman
The Hit Parade | You Didn't Love Me Then
Psychic TV | Roman P. (Fireball Mix)
Mazzy Star | Blue Flower
Galaxie 500 | Don't Let Our Youth Go To Waste

Tuesday, January 15, 2013


Pavement | Fight This Generation
Sebadoh | Gimme Indie Rock
Brian Jonestown Massacre | Who?
Dolly Mixture | Dream Come True
Josef K | Heaven Sent
Butthole Surfers | Sweat Loaf
Primal Scream | Losing More Than I'll Ever Have
Pixies | Head On
Parquet Courts | Stoned and Starving
Archers of Loaf | Plumb Line
Close Lobsters | Too Bloody Stupid
Unwound | Negated
Pere Ubu | Heart of Darkness
Television Personalities | This Angry Silence
The Real Kids | Do the Boob
Spectrum | How You Satisfy Me