Monday, December 19, 2011


New Order - Ceremony (Substance)
The Germs - Manimal (M.I.A.)
ESG - My Love For You (Come Away With ESG)
The Jesus and Mary Chain - In A Hole (Psychocandy)
The Mekons - Dear Sausage (I Love Mekons)
Talking Heads - Tentative Decisions (Talking Heads: 77)
Swell Maps - Loin Of The Surf (A Trip To Marineville)
Peter Murphy - Cuts You Up (Deep)
Swervedriver - Hands (Never Loose That Feeling)
Blondie - Rapture (AutoAmerican)
The Jim Carroll Band - People Who Died
The Sundays - Here's Where the Story Ends (Reading, writing, and arithmetic)
Squeeze - Another Nail In My Heart (Argybargy)
Black Flag - What I See (Damaged)
My Bloody Valentine - I Only Said (Loveless)
The Church - Under The Milk Way (Starfish)
Black Randy and the Metrosquad - I Slept In An Arcade
The Slits - In The Beginning There Was Rythmn
Caustic Resin - Kill You If You Want Me To (Fly Me To The Moon)
The Notwist - Your Signs (Shrink)
Ian Dury & The Blockheads - Hit Me With Your Rhythm Stick
L7 - One More Thing (Bricks Are Heavy)
Mean Red Spiders - Azimuth of Panama (Starsandsons)
Big Dipper - All Going Out Together (Heavens)
Big Black - Bad Penny (Songs About Fucking)
Dinosaur Jr. - Poledo (You're Living All Over Me)
Lyres - Don't Give It Up Now (On Fyre)
The Grifters - Maps Of The Sun (Crappin You Negative)
Iggy Pop - The Passenger (Lust For Life)

Monday, December 12, 2011


The Clash - Safe European Home (Give 'Em Enough Rope) *pictured
Magazine - About The Weather
Beat Happening - Our Secret
This Mortal Coil - Not Me (It'll End In Tears)
The Reatards - Memphis Blues (Teenage Hate)
Belle & Sebastian - Get Me Away From Here I'm Dying (If You're Feeling Sinister)
Talk Talk - I Believe in You (Spirit of Eden)
Pylon - Beep
Gang of Four - What We All Want (Solid Gold)
Rainer Maria - Feeling Neglected (Look Now Look Again)
Death - Rock N' Roll Victim (...For The World To See)
Black Tambourine - Pack You Up (s/t)
The Damned - Life Goes On (Strawberry)
The Boo Radleys - Twinside (Wake Up!)
Throbbing Gristle - Hot On The Heels of Love (20 Jazz Funk Greats) 1979
Olivia Tremor Control - NYC-25 (Dusk At Cubist Castle)
The Flaming Lips - God Walk Among Us Now (In A Preist Driven Ambulance)
Tortoise - The Taut and Tame (Millions Now Living Will Never Die)
Replacements - Sixteen Blue (Let It Be)
The Sea and Cake - Flat Lay the Water (s/t)
Fugazi - Shut The Door (Repeater)
Lilys - High Writer At Home (Eccsame The Photon Band)
Jawbox - Motorist (For Your Own Special Sweetheart)
The Members - The Sound Of The Suburbs
Art Of Noise - Moments In Love (Who's Afraid Of The Art Of Noise)

Monday, December 5, 2011


Wire - I Am The Fly (Chairs Missing) *pictured
Television Personalities - Salvador Dali's Garden Party (Privilege)
Galaxie 500 - Snowstorm (On Fire)
The Only Ones - The Beast (s/t)
Kitchens of Distinction - Drive That Fast (Strange Free World)
Nirvana - Negative Creep (Bleach)
Apples In Stereo - Stawberryfire (Here Wallpaper Reverie)
Pussy Galore - Understand Me (Dial 'M' For Motherfucker)
Wreckless Eric - Whole Wide World
Medicine - Never Click (The Buried Life)
Zero Boys - Down the Drain (Vicious Circle)
Echo and The Bunnymen - The Back of Love (Porcupine)
Psychedelic Furs - Valentine (Worlds Outside)
Nick Lowe - Heart of the City
Built To Spill - Kicked It In The Sun (Perfect From Now On)
Veruca Salt - Seether (American Thighs)
Luna - Moon Palace (Penthouse)
Sonic Youth - Total Trash (Daydream Nation)
The Stone Roses - Waterfall (s/t)
Belly - Angel (Star)
The Saints - Nights In Venice
Primal Scream - Shoot Speed Kill Light
Soul Asylum - Sometime To Return (Hang Time) 88
The Exploding Hearts - Modern Kicks
Sebadoh - Happily Divided (Bubble and Scrape)
The Wildflowers - It Ain't So Easy (12")