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Tuesday, April 30, 2013


Yo La Tengo | From A Motel 6
Suburban Lawns | Janitor
Robyn Hitchcock | Executioner
Tubeway Army | My Shadow In Vain
The Stranglers | (Get A) Grip (On Yourself)
PJ Harvey | To Bring You My Love 
Smithereens | Now And Then   
A House | Call Me Blue
The Replacements | Sixteen Blue
Loop | This Is Where You End
Blur | Beetlebum
The Mummies | Food, Sickles, & Girls
The Folk Implosion | Pole Position
Crass | Darling
The Clash | All The Young Punks
Slowdive | Souvlaki Space Station

Tuesday, April 23, 2013


Stiff Little Fingers | Alternative Ulster 
Volcano Suns | Promise Me
Kitchens of Distinction | When In Heaven 
The Field Mice | Landmark 
Swervedriver | Dual 
Saccharine Trust | A Human Certainty 

Red House Painters | Summer Dress
Archers of Loaf | Toast 
Palace Brothers | The Cellar Song
Talk Talk | Eden
Vaselines | Lovecraft
fIREHOSE | Sometimes 
Mazzy Star | She Hangs Brightly


Tuesday, April 16, 2013


The Jesus And Mary Chain | Far Out And Gone   

Girls At Our Best | Warm Girls
Frank Black | Thalassocracy
The Dirtbombs | Can't Stop Thinking About It
Sugar | Gift
Black Tambourine | Dream Baby Dream
Television | Little Johnny Jewel  
Big Black | Passing Complexion
Magazine | Definitive Gaze
Seam | Bunch 
Red Aunts | Smoke
Kill City Babies | Kristy Can't Breath
Lifter Puller | Bloomington
Brian Eno | St. Elmo's Fire
Magnetic Fields | I Think I Need A New Heart
Rocket From The Crypt | On A Rope
The Weirdos | We Got The Neutron Bomb
Artery | Into The Garden

Tuesday, April 9, 2013


Joy Division | Dead Souls
The Weather Prophets | I Almost Prayed
Curve | Horror Head
Mekons | Empire Of The Senseless
Pitchfork | Placebo
The Pastels | Crawl Baby 
Swirlies | Pancake   
Superchunk | My Noise
The Germs | Richie Dagger's Crime  
Bauhaus | She's In Parties
The Dream Syndicate | Until Lately
Cows | Blow 
Devo | Uncontrollable Urge
Medicine | Miss Drugstore
Thinking Fellers Union 282 | Sister Hell
Lilys | High Writer At Home

Tuesday, April 2, 2013


Brian Jonestown Massacre| Anemone
Blue Orchids | Sleepy Town
BMX Bandits | Top Shop Girl
X-Ray Spex | I Live Off You
Public Image LTD | Public Image
Shop Assistants | All Day Long
Dwarves | Drug Store
Go-Betweens | Sound of Rain
Dinosaur Jr. | Severed Lips
ESG | My Love For You
Butthole Surfers | The Hurdy Gurdy Man
Television Personalities | Part Time Punks
Gang Of Four | At Home He's A Tourist 
Pussy Galore | Just Wanna Die
Dead Milkmen | Stuart 
Dead Moon | 54\40 Or Fight
Spiritualized | If I Were With Her Now

Tuesday, March 26, 2013


Th' Faith Healers | Heart Fog
The Smiths | You've Got Everything Now
Rollings Band | Earache My Eye
The Gories | I Think I've Had It
Luna | Lost in Space 
The Raincoats | No Looking
Eleven Dream Day | There's This Thing
T. Rex | Rip Off
Thomas Jefferson Slave Apartments | My Mysterious Death (Turn It Up)
Catherine Wheel | I Want To Touch You
Wilco | Passenger Side
Come | Last Mistake
Sleater-Kinney | Words and Guitar
Neutral Milk Hotel | Gardenhead/Leave Me Alone
Bitch Magnet | cword
Telestar Ponies | The Moon Is Not A Puzzle

Tuesday, March 19, 2013


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Adam & the Ants | Beat My Guest 
Guided By Voices | Hot Freaks
The Modern Lovers | I'm Straight
Chavez | You Faded
Big Star | Back of A Car
Sebadoh | Supernatural Force
L7 | Fast And Frightening
The Lyres | No Reason To Complain
Replacements | Seen Your Video
Polvo | Thermal Treasure
Belly | Theif
Crime | Rock 'N' Roll Enemy No. 1
Sonic Youth | 100%
Aztec Camera | Pillar To Post
The Soft Boys | Positive Vibrations
Angry Samoans | They Saved Hitlers Cock
New Order | Temptation