Tuesday, April 16, 2013


The Jesus And Mary Chain | Far Out And Gone   

Girls At Our Best | Warm Girls
Frank Black | Thalassocracy
The Dirtbombs | Can't Stop Thinking About It
Sugar | Gift
Black Tambourine | Dream Baby Dream
Television | Little Johnny Jewel  
Big Black | Passing Complexion
Magazine | Definitive Gaze
Seam | Bunch 
Red Aunts | Smoke
Kill City Babies | Kristy Can't Breath
Lifter Puller | Bloomington
Brian Eno | St. Elmo's Fire
Magnetic Fields | I Think I Need A New Heart
Rocket From The Crypt | On A Rope
The Weirdos | We Got The Neutron Bomb
Artery | Into The Garden

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