Monday, March 28, 2011


Pavement - Fight This Generation (Wowee Zowee)
X-Ray Spex - The Day the World Turned Day-Glo (Germ Free Adolescents)
Fats Comet & The Big Sound - Bop Bop [single]
The Stooges - Your Pretty Face is Going to Hell (Raw Power)
The Slits - Shoplifting
World Domination Enterprises - Asbestos Lead Asbestos
Sonic Youth - Tunic (Song for Karen) (Goo)
Unwound - Data
T. Rex - Jeepster (Electric Warrior)
Crispy Ambulance - Dear
Maximum Joy - Stretch(Disco/Rap Mix)
Teenage Fanclub - I Need Direction (Howdy!)
The Boys - First Time
Husker Du - I Apologize (New Day Rising)
The Sea and Cake - Lamont's Lament (Nassau)
The Damned - New Rose
Thomas Jefferson Slave Apartment - Down to High Street (Bait and Switch)
Devo - Mongoloid
Cop Shoot Cop - Everybody Loves You (Ask Questions Later)
The Muffs - Sad Tomorrow (Blonder and Blonder)
Uncle Tupelo - Atomic Power (March 16-20, 1992)
Galaxie 500 - Blue Thunder (On Fire)
Interior Terror - Interior Terror
Spoon - Utilitarian (A Series of Sneaks)
Tortoise - TNT (TNT)
Big Star - In the Street (#1 Record)
Toadies - Quitter (S/T)
Nico - Fairest of the Seasons (Chelsea Girl)
Beat Farmers - Socialite (Poor and Famous)
Dinosaur Jr. - Lose (You're Living All Over Me)

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