Monday, August 15, 2011


X-Ray Spex - I Live Off You (Germ Free Adolescents)
Pavement - Elevate Me Later (Crooked Rain Crooked Rain)
The Replacements - Androgynous (Let it Be)
The Pretenders - Back on the Chain Gang (Learning to Crawl)
Mc5 - Teenage Lust (Back in the USA)
Galaxie 500 - Blue Thunder (On Fire)
Clouds - Say It (Bang! Bang!)
Beat Happening - Me Untamed (Dreamy)
Ramones - She's A Sensation
Shop Assistants - Safety Net
Pixies - River Euphrates (Surfer Rosa)
Dirtbombs - Underdog (Ultraglide in Black)
Pigbag - Sunny Day
Sonic Youth - Teenage Riot (Daydream Nation)
The Clash - Stay Free (Give Them Enough Rope)
The Field Mice - Landmark
Spacemen 3 - Big City (Everybody I Know Can Be Found Here) (Big City)
Shonen Knife - Riding on the Rocket (Pretty Little Baka Guy)
Clinic - C.Q.
Primus - Making Plans For Nigel [XTC Cover]
The Fall - Dr. Buck's Letter
The Apples In Stereo - Glowworm (Fun Trick Noisemaker)
Zero Boys - Civilizations Dying
Eggs - Government Administrator
The Birthday Party - Big Jesus Trashcan
Swell Maps - Loin of the Surf (Trip to Marineville)
Aztec Camera - Good Morning Britan (Stray)
Ride - Nowhere (Nowhere)
Bad Brains - Re-Ignition (I Against I)
Big Circus - Under the Big Top
Neutral Milk Hotel - Gardenhead- Leave Me Alone (On Avery Island)
Low - Stay (Long Division)

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