Monday, December 12, 2011


The Clash - Safe European Home (Give 'Em Enough Rope) *pictured
Magazine - About The Weather
Beat Happening - Our Secret
This Mortal Coil - Not Me (It'll End In Tears)
The Reatards - Memphis Blues (Teenage Hate)
Belle & Sebastian - Get Me Away From Here I'm Dying (If You're Feeling Sinister)
Talk Talk - I Believe in You (Spirit of Eden)
Pylon - Beep
Gang of Four - What We All Want (Solid Gold)
Rainer Maria - Feeling Neglected (Look Now Look Again)
Death - Rock N' Roll Victim (...For The World To See)
Black Tambourine - Pack You Up (s/t)
The Damned - Life Goes On (Strawberry)
The Boo Radleys - Twinside (Wake Up!)
Throbbing Gristle - Hot On The Heels of Love (20 Jazz Funk Greats) 1979
Olivia Tremor Control - NYC-25 (Dusk At Cubist Castle)
The Flaming Lips - God Walk Among Us Now (In A Preist Driven Ambulance)
Tortoise - The Taut and Tame (Millions Now Living Will Never Die)
Replacements - Sixteen Blue (Let It Be)
The Sea and Cake - Flat Lay the Water (s/t)
Fugazi - Shut The Door (Repeater)
Lilys - High Writer At Home (Eccsame The Photon Band)
Jawbox - Motorist (For Your Own Special Sweetheart)
The Members - The Sound Of The Suburbs
Art Of Noise - Moments In Love (Who's Afraid Of The Art Of Noise)

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